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Our Very Own, Luci Valsamis - Founder and Director of Showcase Advertising.

Luci is the creative mind behind this amazing brand, Showcase Advertising.  Showcase Advertising produces two beatuifully collated maternity sample packs; designed with new mums in mind, which are freely available through maternity Hospitals and Obstetricians Australia wide.  She’s also mum to Connor(8) and Sophia(6).   Luci started her business soon after Sophia was born and Connor was only 2. 

“I could see, in our situation, that working a normal 9 to 5 wasn’t going to work for us, I wanted to have flexibility with my time, especially once the kids started school, so I had to find something and make it work! Fortunately for us it did.”

1. Firstly, What made you start Showcase Advertising and what were you doing before it? 

I was re-entering the freelance world as a baby/portrait photographer and was looking for a way to place my voucher into the hands of new mums; more importantly, into the hands of mums to whom I’d be able to provide a direct service to.  
There weren’t many options available for small business owners looking to promote directly to one or two hospitals, and personally, I felt that the quality of sampling bags in distribution was at that time poor.  I decided to put together my own sampling pack, and it took off! Unfortunately, Photography for me has since taken a back foot.

2. Did you identify a gap in the market?

Yes – there were no other “direct sampling” companies offering me a choice of hospitals to promote in and reach a specific demographic. 

I was also inspired to create a sampling gift pack with the main focus on products for new mums to try and more importantly, to enjoy.  With so many baby brands and options in the market place, it’s often hard for a new mum to know which products to use and trust.  

Creating a unique product and launching it into the market place, as well as simultaneously balancing home-life and motherhood was definitely a challenge in the beginning. 

3. How do you juggle looking after two kids and running the business? 

At the start, I was able to easily fit the work hours required around my kids, working from my kitchen table during their nap times and in the evenings, which was quite manageable; to suddenly finding myself working through the nights which became very tiring. 

Luci recalls answering her phone with one or both of her children screaming in the background..." I don’t miss taking those client calls!" she says with a smile, but I also don’t look back on that time and regret having started my business, I was able to build an amazing brand whilst staying home with my children. 

With both children now in school, Luci admits life is much easier, she also now employs staff to help with the day to day running of the business.

“there is a lot more work involved when you’re out on your own, but I now can choose to work my own hours and around my family.  I’ve never worked harder in my life but I’m spending precious amounts of time with my kids.” 

4. Any tips for mums wanting to start their own business whilst raising kids? 

Throw perfection out the door and learn to embrace the chaos, because it sure will be an amazing ride.  Both my husband and I have our own businesses and we realise that we are setting an example for our children. That they too, with hard work, passion and solid commitment can be successful in whatever they choose to do.  

Being a mum should never discourage you from following your dreams, it will only make you see how important it is to be an example of someone who does!



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